June 26th to July 05th 2020



"Turda International Theater Festival" promotes performance of both Romanian and international theater by presenting at Turda the most spectacular representations. The festival addresses the Turda community and tourists in the same time and will certainly be marked by the meeting of festival directors and theater producers.



               Organized by Aureliu Manea Turda National Theater and its partners.



·       Organising a theater festival that addresses to all kind of audiences.·       Creating an enviroment that gives the chance to young artist to express themselves.·       Developing an inter-cultural exchanges at both nationally and internationally levels.·       Bringing closer to the public the best theatrical productions of the moment.·       Supporting and promoting independent theater companies in the Fringe section of the festival.



·       No age limit.·       State theaters, theater schools as well as independent theater companies can be registered, but the last ones must have legal forms.·       Application can be made until 15st of March 2020. Materials received after this date will not be considered for the selection of performances of this festival.  ·       After the show is being accepted by the organizers, the technical director of the theater will consult the producer to place the show in the best hall so that the show goes in optimal conditions.




·       Record the show on DVD / CD - 2 copies or video link;·       3 high resolution photos, representative of the show on DVD or by mail.·       Fill in enrollment form (and sent to e-mail address: pr.tamt@yahoo.com). Forms can be also be downloaded from www.teatrulaureliumaneaturda.ro.·       The materials will be sent to:  Theater National Aureliu Manea Turda, No. 52, Republicii Street, Turda, Cluj, with mention for the International Theater Festival



·       Performances selection will be made by the artistic board of the Aureliu Manea National Theater.·       Festival is divided into three sections - IN section, OFF section and school theater section.·       For shows selected in the IN section, accommodation, meal and entertainment fees are offered.·       For the shows selected in the OFF (Fringe festival) section, we offer accommodation, table, and 80% of the show's incomes.·       Performances in the OFF section can be played in several days.·       School theatre section is going to be a contest with 3 prizes – one for the best show, one for best actress and for best actor.





Festivalul Internațional de Teatru Turda

„Festivalul Internațional de Teatru” promovează performanța în teatrul românesc și internațional prin prezentarea la Turda a celor mai reprezentative spectacole
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